Studio F140

Every now and then you take a moment and look at where you came from. Today was one of those days. After spending a few consecutive days in the studio I looked around and remembered the first time I stepped into the Stutz building.  

When you are in college you really don't know where you will end up. Things are confusing and the world is too vast. That's exactly how I felt when I found my first internship with Cassidy Photography. I got lost trying to find his studio in the old car factory building, but somehow I arrived on time and walked through the barn doors to the studio that 6 years later would become the very place I work out of today. 

It isn't glamorous by any means. The floors need to be painted, there is a constant layer of dust on everything, and it always smells like french fries from the Bearcats Restaurant next door. But I wouldn't change the fact that I have so many memories in this place. I met my good friend Polina Osherov here, my business started here, and I have worked with many friends on fun projects that have shaped my career. 

Today was a flashback day and I am thankful for it!