Sporty in the City

Sporty in the City

Had a blast working with a new team a couple of weeks ago! I really enjoy discovering talented makeup artists, hairstylists, models, and wardrobe stylists and to just collaborate. This photoshoot was easy breezy and there was definitely something magical about just hanging out and taking some fun photos. As a commercial photographer a lot of my work is planned down to the tiniest detail. So, it was pretty incredible to do something just for the fun of it!

Hair: Dee Lanee Shears  @deelaneehair      

Makeup:Nikki Brown @flawlessfacesbynikki      

Models: DeAera Chatman (Lmodelz) @deechaat, Tiana Hall @tianaaa_hall

Styling/Concept: Lamya Cruz @thatgirllams                                                    

Up Close & Personal

What are the benefits to booking a makeup artist for a photo shoot? There are many benefits to booking a makeup artist! Even when you think your own way of applying makeup is decent and you are happy with it, take a moment to check out these comparison images. (The makeup and skin have not been retouched.)

The first 2 images show makeup applied the way I typically do on an everyday basis, which I thought was just fine and dandy. The last 2 images show a fresh coat of photo ready makeup applied by my good friend and makeup artist Sarah Jackson.

Lets talk about a few things that a makeup artist can help you with. Foundation and concealer, are two of the main problem areas that can show up on camera. When the color is off or not blended well, it can be very noticeable and is something that can be a real issue for photographers to blend after the fact. Blush and lip color are also super important. Blush is easily washed out by either strobes or the sun, leaving you looking pale. Your artist may add more blush than normal for your portrait session to fix this, but don't worry you won't look like a clown. Lip color, as you can see, makes quite a difference dry chapped lips are almost impossible for photographers to correct in retouching. Just add a gloss or lip balm and this will quickly smooth out the problem.

For your next portrait session ask your photographer for makeup artist recommendations! You will feel more put together and prepared for your close up. Trust me, I did. : )

Paris Was a Dream

A couple of months ago I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Paris. One week was not enough to experience all that the City of Light had to offer, but I did get a taste for café life, crêpes, and more bread and cheese then I have ever consumed in my life!

Enjoy this handful of images! More to come!